Friday, 24 January 2014

Five Minute Fridays-Visit

It's been a while since I've done one of these posts but I had a few moments to spare today, and the prompt sparked a flash of inspiration in my head, so I've joined in today-hurrah!

A reminder-5MF is a kind of writing flash mob-people write for five minutes on a prompt word given on the 5MF blog page. The idea is to focus on the writing and leave it unedited, as it falls out of your head and onto the page in the five minutes you're given. It's kinda fun, and makes your brain work =)

I don’t like the fact that my city is no longer my own, that I can only visit it and it’s not my home. It feels weird knowing so many streets and houses and places in somewhere that you don’t live in, even though you feel like you should do. Every time I step out of the train station and see the shining fountains and the soaring buildings around me, I feel my heart lift a little, knowing I’m home again, and I always hate having to say goodbye. Getting on a train and pulling away from a place I love so well means I always leave a little bit of me behind with me, because I never want to go. I have been trying to move back there since September and have had door after door (sometimes quite literally) close in my face. I thought I’d found somewhere in early December, a nice room in a nice house in a nice area sharing with nice people, and I was elated to think my city was finally going to be mine again. Three weeks later I found out the nice room had already gone to some other nice person, and no matter how nice the people were they could no longer help me. Honestly, I was pretty heartbroken as I watched my home slip further away from me, and it makes | you think like you’re never going to get back, like you’re asking for something unobtainable, like you should give up and try and love the somewhere else you currently live as much, as if you ever could. But I keep visiting, and my city always welcomes me back, and I keep leaving pieces of me behind myself when I do. Maybe if I leave enough then somehow by osmosis I’ll get there again someday. I can always keep hoping, and always keep visiting.

denotes where my 5 minute alarm went off

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