Friday, 3 February 2012

Feeling Beautiful

This has already been posted once online before, but I thought I would repost it on here in a sort of follow up to my last post. If you read said post, I thank you, I've never had 173 people read anything I have written before, so it meant a lot to me. I hope it was worth the look. 
This post, as I mentioned, links in quite nicely with the sentiments of the last-these are ways that I have found help me to love myself a little bit more each day, and hopefully they might help you too:

My 8 Simple Rules for Feeling Beautiful

1. The one thing you should never leave your house without is your smile. How will anyone know you are beautiful if you are frowning at the world? A smile can make even the simplest, comfiest not-to-be-seen-dead-in outfits beautiful, because beauty comes from you and not from your clothes. Smile at random strangers-see if you can spread a bit of happiness around.

2. Learn to accept compliments-sincerely! The next time someone tells you that you look pretty/beautiful/really good today, don't just laugh or argue it away. Take their words on board-believe them and enjoy them. Say thank you and mean it, rather than just because it's polite. People aren't just saying these things for the sake of it-they genuinely think you are beautiful. Even when you are struggling to believe them, you should still take pleasure from the fact that someone else knows it.

3. Emphasise your favourite bits-whatever they are. If you love your legs; wear short skirts, if it's your boobs-a low cut top. Wear what is comfortable and what shows off your best bits. Even if it's your hair, make a statement with it, make it big and make it bold.

4. Count the positives as well. If you stand in front of the mirror and only see the things you don't like then you are going to give your self-esteem a major bashing. So set yourself a challenge-for every negative, find a positive. Find at least one thing that you feel good about for every thing that you feel bad about. Or challenge yourself to find one, then three, then five things that make you feel fantastic about your body and outfit every day. After a while you'll start to see your body in a more positive light and mind the negatives less. It's all about frame of mind.

5. Surprise people! If you are a bit of a tomboy (like me!) then go out in a skirt. If you always cover yourself up get some more on show. Change your hair style, wear high heels, do something different. If people see you in an outfit that you wouldn't normally wear it makes them take a second look at you and then give you those compliments you deserve.

6. Be yourself. Bit of a cliché this one but it's true. There's no point in you wearing things that are in fashion if you don't like the way they look on you-you have to make your clothes work for your body shape and your style. Wear the things you love, wear what looks good on you and what you feel comfortable wearing. You don't have to fit in if you don't want to-the only person you need to impress is yourself. If you are truly happy with what you see in the mirror then it doesn't matter one jot what other people think, you can walk around like you own the place and no-one can stop you.

7. Wear sexy undies. (Probably one only for the ladies here...) I have to confess this is one rule I tend not to abide by myself, but a good friend of mine swears by it. She says that if you are wearing a sexy matching set of undies then it helps you feel good no matter what you are wearing on top. It's like have a secret from the world-a confidence boosting, empowering, sexy kinda secret, that goes a long way to making you feel great. Of course, wearing something that fits you in all the right places can't hurt to make you look great externally too ;)

8. Take Naked photos of yourself. Odd one this, perhaps, and I know some people are freaking out right now. Relax, you don't have to do all the rules to feel FAB. I don't just mean standing in front of the mirror with everything hanging out though, I mean take sexy naked pictures of yourself. Find a good position/pose for your body shape, whack out your million kilowatt smile and snap away. They don't have to be pornographic, more artistic. You can always cover up any offending bits with silk scarves, rose petals, those sexy undies-whatever you fancy! They don't have to be for anyone to see either, these are your own personal portfolio of gorgeousness. Hide them away somewhere (very well hidden) on your computer and then look at them from time to time when you need a confidence boost. I think there's something that feels slightly naughty about it-and that really helps. I personally think it's a great way to learn to love yourself more.

You're fabulous baby, don't let anyone try to tell you otherwise.

Be Beautiful,