Monday, 5 November 2012

Autumnal Bliss

I know we're almost rocking on into winter and the dreaded C-word (Not that, I mean Christmas, you rude person) but we're still currently in Autumn, my favourite of all of the seasons. There's a million and one reasons why I love it and in lieu of a proper post while I'm still doing NaNo I thought I'd tell you why to brighten those dreary nights a little:

-It's so pretty everywhere!
I mean, PHWOAR Mother Nature kinda pretty.

-Hot chocolate with marshmallows
Nommity. Right now I'm drinking my current fave-
Whittard's Hot Choc with Chilli and Lime.
Sounds gross but it's totally delish. Swing by sometime , we can have a cup together.

-Snuggly warm clothes
I'm loving big chunky jumpers and my lovely warm chocolate brown cords atm.
And of course, my Doc Martens and thick socks to keep my feet snuggly too.

While I no longer collect them religiously like I did as a child,
I will always pick up one or two of the shiniest ones because they're hard to resist!

-Bonfire Night
Fireworks will never not be magical, plus bonfires smell amazing.

-Coming home to a house that's warm
Coming in from the cold night to a welcoming blast of central heating
is just a little bit lovely.
(Unless you're a student that is)

-Snuggling on the sofa to watch a bit of awesome tele
Autumn tele is usually pretty awesome, and sometimes when
it's cold and dark and rainy outside there's nothing better
than just staying in and keeping warm.

-Goose Fair
In the first week of October every year one of the world's largest
travelling fairs comes to Nottingham-it's been happening for well
over 700 years. For me it means a night of fun rides, candy floss and doughnuts,
spending too much money and having a fab time.

-And possibly the best thing about autumn:
Scrunching through piles of crunchy autumn leaves!
Never fails to make me smile, it's just one of life's little pleasures. Wonderful.

What about you? Do you have a favourite season or any things you love about autumn?


Friday, 2 November 2012

NaNoWriMo Has Arrived...

Source: NaNoWriMo

This is a short blog to tell you that I probably won't be blogging all that much this month. Why? Because I made the (probably very unwise) decision to take part in NaNoWriMo this year whilst suffering from a persistent yet creative bout of insomnia a couple of weeks ago. The challenge is to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days-it doesn't have to be the best quality novel in the world, it doesn't have to be edited as you go along, it's just trying to physically get words on the page and all the rest comes afterwards. After the first day, I have to say I'm looking forward to it, although I have only written 1546 words so far! There's a long way to go yet. I guess the reason I wanted to do it was because I've always been slightly in awe of those of my friends who casually go "Yeah, I've written a novel or two." I think it's really really cool. And then I realised that I could totally be one of those people with a novel or two on my computer, that other people thought were cool and all I had to do was take part in something that runs for a month-easy! (Ha Ha). Also I start writing stories a lot, I have a brilliant idea and I write the first chapter and then...nothing. I have never finished a single story I've started writing in my life, and sometimes I just feel the ideas deserve a little more than 500 words written in a train station*. If I want to finish on time (by the end of November) then I have to write another 1615 words each day-400 words longer than my longest blog post (so far) so I'm not going to have much imagination going spare for thinking of witty and amusing blogs. (They totes are...right? Oh who am I kidding, I just rant about shit =p)
In other news, I also got offered a job yesterday as an usher at the Playhouse Theatre in Nottingham (an excellent thing!) which puts more constraints on my time as well as NaNo leaving me less time than I would like for my dearest blog. But I'll be back eventually.
 If you are interested in following my NaNo progress then check out that little widget on the left hand side, and if you are interested in joining in then there's still time to register and get started and you're only a day behind! Just go to and sign up. Good luck!
Anyway, I am off to write my next chapter or two, tata!


*happens a little too often to me.