Sunday, 8 April 2012

5 Awesome Things

Right now I am currently doing a couple of things. Firstly, I am rebelling against a friend in Canada telling me to go to bed (Sorry GB!) as it's half past stupid o clock in the morning. But I'm not really that tired having napped for an awfully long time today and I also know that everything will feel worse if I sleep now. The other thing that I am doing is discovering this blog: It's basically a list of (now over) 1000 little things that make the author's life a little bit more awesome each day. If you look at the list, I'm sure you will agree with at least some of them (Number 950 and 809 are personal favourites of mine, for instance). This has inspired me to make a list of my own of some of the tiny things that make my life just a little bit more awesome. I won't be doing a thousand though, because, after all, it is 20 to stupid o clock in the morning so I'm not functioning on all cylinders right now, plus it's been done.
These are my five then, not necessarily my top five or in any order. Just 5 little Awesome Things.

Number 1: Getting into bed at the end of a long day.
We've all been over sleep deprived before, haven't we? Or just had a day of too much stress and not enough nice things happening to us. That's why it's just SO GOOD to get into bed-where you don't have to think about any of that any more, where the only thing you have to do now is one of life's most enjoyable-sleeeep. Just curling up in that big squishy quilt (or big squishy person) and closing your eyes and letting everything just relaaaaaax. It's bliss.

Number 2: Saving your change and then realising how much you have.
I have to confess that I do have a few habits that I am slightly anal about. They're all silly little things, but I just always feel a tiny bit happier if they are done. One of these is emptying my purse at the end of each day to take it back to a round number-a whole pound or 50p. The rest of my change goes in my money boxes. And sure, it can get annoying when something costs 40p and you don't have the change, but on the other hand what's really really great is when it comes to checking how much you have. My bank has cool machines that you can empty your change into to pay in, and that's fun on its own because it makes a cracking noise. But 20ps add up quite quickly, and I empty my money boxes once a term and it's always nice to see that I have amassed at least £20 out of my "spare" change. It's a good feeling. Plus it means I can now treat myself to that thing that I have been wanting for ages and couldn't quite justify buying.

Number 3: The first warm day after Winter.
Winter is decidedly not my favourite of seasons-it's just too cold! I am an Autumn girl myself, the temperature is just about right for me, the colours are gorgeous and there are piles of leaves everywhere which are just amazing to kick through. Winter is cold and grey and rainy and cold. That's why the first warm day is just so lovely. The first day you can walk around in just your T-shirt and it not be too nippy, the first day you get sunburn because you sat outside in the sun too long and your weak winter skin can't hack it. It's glorious. And the British public love it too, people suddenly take the chance to sit outside and have a drink in the beer garden, or a picnic with their friends. It brings people together, their faces upturned towards this strange light that they haven't seen for months and they bask in it. Lovely.

Number 4: When someone takes a photo of you feeling awesome.
You know those days, we all have them, where everything has just gone wonderfully today. Your hair has done exactly what you wanted it to, someone complimented your outfit, you've not been stuck in traffic or in a long queue at the checkout or anything. You just feel like every single thing in your world is going right today. And then someone takes a picture, without you asking or prompting. Now not only do you feel awesome but you have a record of it too-something tangible you can keep forever to remind you just how good that day was. The ultimate perk.

Number 5: When you wake up feeling GREAT.
I know this may be something that happens to a lot of people all the time. But not me, oh no. I am 1bazillion% not a morning person. I generally hate anyone who crosses my path, and woe betides you if you dare to be chirpy at me! *shudder*. But sometimes even I wake up and just feel great, and it's brilliant. To feel alive and awake when the sun is barely up is a miraculous thing, as far as I am concerned. And when it happens (rarely), I enjoy it. I actually talk to people rather than glowering at them until they stop talking to me. I'm probably much nicer to be around too because I feel MUCH happier. There should be some way to bottle this feeling to use on less fortunate days but until that happens I am going to continue to rely on large doses of caffeine.

So there you are. That's my five, for now. I might try and make this a regular thing-once a month or something. It might take me a while to reach 1000, but it's quite a nice sensation to reflect on some of the lovelier things in life. But, for now, it's 25 to stupid o clock in the morning and I have got to find something else to occupy myself.



Sunday, 1 April 2012

I'm Grateful For...

The people in this photograph. Plus HR + RW who aren't.
If any of you know me at all, you will probably have heard me talking about (my) USLES at one point or another-and some of you may have wondered what I was banging on about and some of you may have just ignored me completely. But the reason I bang on about them so much is because they have been my second family since I got to Sheffield Uni, and they are all sorts of wonderful people. At the end of my 2nd year here, I was lucky enough to get voted in as their President, and those guys up there were chosen to stand alongside me on the committee.
To say I couldn't have done it without them is a somewhat redundant statement, because obviously I couldn't have done the jobs of 11 people by myself. But more than that, I really couldn't have done this-been President for a year-without them. They have helped me in so many ways this year-firstly as the USLES committee to help to keep the cogs of the society running and well oiled, but also on a personal level for me. I can think of moments where every one of them has helped me individually, whether it was by giving me confidence in myself as President, giving me the best of advice during committee meetings, making me smile exactly when I needed it most or by wiping shaving foam out of my eyes following this moment: 
Dick Whittington, December 2011
In which I got exuberantly pied in the face. 
along with a thousand other ways. I feel very lucky that I got to work with them on this level, and count them amongst my closest friends at university. They're just a truly amazing bunch.

So guys, if you're reading this, I would just like to say THANK YOU. A million thank yous. You have all done a fantastic job this year and together we have helped USLES be the best it can be. Each and every one of you is wonderful and brilliant, and I am so grateful that you guys were both on the committee and in my life.
Keep on being awesome, please.

Jenni x