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Sometimes I write blogs for other sites, blogs that don't quite fit here or blogs that would fit better somewhere else. Sometimes I publish them here too, so some of these might be familiar but I thought I'd compile a list to keep them all in one place at least. Some of these are fairly frank discussions about fairly personal things, so use your discretion when reading them if you don't want to hear about my inner workings.  (PARENTS, THIS MEANS YOU.)

Being Happy With Who You Are - Beautifully Me, August '11

Feeling Beautiful - Beautifully Me, August '11

Reflections from Aunt Irma - AWOT, June '12

Who Hates Short Shorts? - British Style Bloggers, July '12

Sex Education - AWOT, August '12

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby - AWOT, November '12

Feminism- A Subject I Approach With Trepidation - AWOT, January '13

'Live From London' review - There's A Hole In My Wallet, July '13

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